It has helped us in facilitating more visitors with the same staff

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An Enterprise Security Software for controlling, monitoring and authorizing visitors in the company. The reporting is also helpful and gives us information like total number of visitors at any given point of time, statistics on number of users visiting per day/week/month etc. It allows visitor photograph capturing, online visit list, communication between security and employees, visitor authentication. Post CapPreferred enterprise security management, information security management system, motor vehicle management, passage point visitor management, passage point visitor management system, point of sale hardware, point of sale systems, raptor visitor management, school visitor management, secure visitor management, security information management, security information management software, security management process, security management products, security management services, security management software, security management solution.axisgatepass.

It has helped us in facilitating more visitors with the same staff and has many advantages over manual system like getting immediate approval before allowing a visitor inside." Some of key searches useful to view demo of our software Enterprise Security Management application, Security Management application, staff authentication software, staff identification software, visitor authentication software, visitor identification software, managing visitors at entry point, enterprise visitor management system, Vehicle entry tracking, vehicle outgoing entry tracking, vehicle incoming entry tracking, visiting card scanning system, visiting card scanner, Gate Pass System, Gate Pass Software, Gate Pass Security System, Gate Pass Security Software, Capture visitor data by mobile, Capture visitor data by computer, Capture visitor data by laptop, record visitor entry, control visitor entry, authorize visitor entry, record visitor details.

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