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The first time sensitive offer I brought to my customers

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My friend led me over to the TV where he had on "The Home Shopping Network". - The offers had to truly be time sensitive. I felt my eyes starting to roll back into my head, and staggered to the window to get a breath of fresh air. . I have tested 72, 48 and even 24-hour offers with impressive results. Your customers will quickly catch on to this, and you will see your response rates fall drastically.

As I walked into his apartment, I quickly became disorientated and started to feel myself losing consciousness. So don't be afraid to test various offers until you find the right formula for maximum sales. John needed to take some time off work to relax, but within three short days, had become a 'Home Shopping junkie'. Treat your customers with respect, and they will return the favor by making your bank account balloon to new levels. The results where astounding. When my product is sold out, or the offer has expired, the script then removes the order page.) - Make sure the offer is pulled when you say it will be. They only had 100 left in stock! As I sat there watching my zombified friend order useless items he would never use, I decided I needed to apply this same technique to my own business. So how can you implement this strategy into your business?

To have a successful offer you should generally follow these two simple rules: - Make the offer truly special (give a discount, extra bonuses, etc. I care deeply about all of my customers, so I wanted to make sure of two things: - My offers would only be for useful products and services. I was immediately hooked. Gear Rack manufacturers For my offers I use a customized script that keeps track of my orders or counts down the time left until the offer expires. I rarely make exceptions and extend the offer, unless someone had a problem ordering the product. The Yoda phone that exclaimed, "May the force be with you" when it rang would disappear into a galaxy far far away if he didn't act now. "John," I mumbled to my usually hygienic friend, "what happened to you?" He then gave me a wry smile and his eyes became as large as Bill Gate's bank account. These kinds of offers usually pull much better than if I limit the offer to 20-30 packages.My friend had not had a bath in over three days, there where pizza boxes littered across his apartment, and a funky odor filled the room.

The first time sensitive offer I brought to my customers almost tripled my sales. Don't make a 48-hour offer, then run it for a week, just to make extra sales. However, each list is different. If he didn't order "Peppi the singing fish" within the next 15 minutes, the offer would be gone forever. Now I almost never make an offer unless it is time sensitive. The kiss of death, and quickest way to lose credibility with your customers, is to make an offer that insults their intelligence. My normal, levelheaded friend, had become hypnotized by one of marketing's most powerful techniques: Time sensitive offers.

If you are fat there is the negative stereotype of slothful

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There are many programs, but one of the most successful I have found is Dr Siegal's Cookie diet, which has worked for five hundred thousand people all over the world. Claire White is now a size six lawyer but when working in an office some time ago and weighing 280 pounds, she was aware that she was being consistently sidelined. Eat cookies, lose weight! Chocolate, Blueberry, Oatmeal Raisin, Banana & Coconut www. Big people often develop a larger than life character to compensate, and she was like that - always butt of office humor but hurting inside. She did all that she could to overcome the assumption that fat people are lazy and do not take care with their appearance.CookieDietOnline.

There were the practical jokes, and comments like at least SHE won't have an affair unless its with the cookie jar. However, if you don't want to come up against negative perceptions due to your dress size you will have to face the battle of losing weight. Althoughthere are some women who defy these rules, everybody is stereotyped in one way or another. But what if you're not the perfect size six?

The reality is that we're larger than ever. Imagine, like our example above - when yourchildren come out of school, they won't feel embarassed by the blob waiting for them outside the gate, but will feel proud of their slim and attractive Mom!

If you are fat there is the negative stereotype of slothful loser, but there can be a positive stereotype, that you are a life-loving, generous person - all useful qualities in some businesses. If image is so important, then could your weight affect your job prospects? Studies show that weight discrimination in the workplace is rife. Her resume would be attractive and professional, she would turn up for the interview very well prepared and would finish up humiliated by the interviewer's immediate look of disgust at her size. We spend more than ever on image maintenance and snappy dressing to make the right impression Post Cap at our jobs and impress the boss. She would get up two hours early to paint her nails but this didn't make any difference because all fellow workers saw was this very big girl. She found that being appointed to a job was inevitably a nightmare.We live in a looks-obsessed society where style can be more important than what you can do. A recent survey in a professional HR personnel magazine showed that ninety-three per cent of Personnel professionals would give the vacancy to the smaller-sized person when choosing between two otherwise equal applicants and the evidence shows that dress size discrimination counts more against Starting a weight loss plan doesn't mean you can't eat tasty, in fact if you only eat boring food, you're more likely to give up.

But just like that light bulb, you can switch it on again

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Ask questions about the information that is coming in. "How should I use this?" "Who is this for?" "What do you want me to do with the knowledge?" When you are consciously working with your third eye drop your gaze to a place that is out on the bridge, or tip of your nose. You could think on a certain subject or person and ask questions. Do this without judgment. The area goes dark.

But just like that light bulb, you can switch it on again very quickly. Others don't question where it comes from but they just access it. copyright 2006 Yoga Kat . Half close the eyes so that you can allow the opening and unobstructed view into the psychic realm through the third eye and then let this area begin to open. I feel it is like a door that you can't leave open all the time. With each breath you wash that area mentally with light. When you wish to close down the area, put my hand on your forehead and move it from top to bottom and imagine that you're closing a great big gate or a drawbridge door in the same manner.Not all people have consciously worked on accessing third eye wisdom or perception. You might feel like the light emanates only out the front of your forehead.

The light that is contained within can emanate out from all the cracks from the front, back, top, sides, at the same time, allowing you to see all around at the same time. Also put out a feeler if this is trustworthy or false. Imagine the draw bridge door slowly drawing up and open. Sometimes you can imagine that you are turning off a light bulb by pulling an old fashion chain. The major portion comes from the front or third eye area, but it is not limited by that." Then expect to be guided and then proceed as if you are already on the way. Allow some time in between each question to register the information."

Then take great big breaths into that area like a psychic wash. Trust yourself that the right answer is coming for you. You could ask a question like "What am I missing here?" or "What it the key element?" You could allow an open flow to direct you -"Direct me to the person or group that is most able to help me. When you become aware of the energetic shifts, you can then begin to direct your channel. You could also think of someone or something Sliding Gate Wheel and feel what impressions come to you immediately and first. Or you may feel more like an egg with a major crack all around the circumference and tiny cracks on top and in back. The column of light then begins to expand out into the universe, as long or short as need be. Become as sensitive to subtle changes in energy, as you can, ask yourself if this is coming from you or someone else.

Then say to yourself "shutting down now. As you ask the questions, continue to breathe through each. Now when you work long periods of time with the third eye you develop your ability to access psychic channels but also it can make you tired if you do not work with balance. It is necessary to close the door and rest. Many are very frightened of their ability to access wisdom, or information that seems to come from the unknown.

These may need to surround your entire property

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If you do have a gate, consider a gate alarm that will sound if the gate is opened, to let you know that someone may be entering the Gear Rack pool area. Such devices attach to the side of a pool, and will sound an alarm if anyone should enter the pool before disabling such an alarm. Another way to protect your pool is through the use of a pool alarm. This is especially important if you have children yourself, as they will quickly learn how to gain access to the pool.If you are planning to install a pool in your backyard, there are a few things you should consider, first. For example, require them to ask permission before just jumping into the water. This also protects the surface from falling leaves, bugs, and other debris. This way, they can stay safe and still have fun.

These may need to surround your entire property, or be built as pool enclosures. If the depths and size of your pool warrant it, you may also want to keep additional lifeguarding floats on hand in case of an emergency. When you are installing a pool, whether above ground or in ground, youll want to make sure to consider the safety aspects. As you probably realize, having a pool is a hazard, especially for children. Make your pool less accessible for those from your neighborhood, especially children, and have measures in place to make sure that people can not use your pool without your knowledge. Covering the pool with a hard cover during the offseason is one way to keep young children from falling into the pool. There may also be restrictions on the type of gate you are allowed to install in this fence. For your family and invited guests, be sure to keep flotation devices on hand. If you do have children, or a neighbor has small children, be sure to instruct them on proper use of the pool as it is being installed. These can come in quite handy if you have weak swimmers who want to use your pool. Research the local regulations before installing a pool; in most cases, such fencing must be installed prior to the pool itself. Dont commit to the expense of a pool only to later realize that you needed fences or other features to keep your pool from becoming a hazard. Once your pool has been installed and the fencing is up, you still need to protect the pool from anyone who might inadvertently wander in. These pool alarms are helpful for families with young children or those in neighborhoods with young children who may not know better than to jump into a neighbors unattended pool. This can instantly alert you to any children or others who have found their way into the pool, and give you enough time to get them out without serious harm. For example, it may need to be kept locked all of the time. Even strong swimmers can form cramps after spending some time in a pool. Many cities require fences of a certain type or height.