But just like that light bulb, you can switch it on again

12. prosince 2017 v 2:31
Ask questions about the information that is coming in. "How should I use this?" "Who is this for?" "What do you want me to do with the knowledge?" When you are consciously working with your third eye drop your gaze to a place that is out on the bridge, or tip of your nose. You could think on a certain subject or person and ask questions. Do this without judgment. The area goes dark.

But just like that light bulb, you can switch it on again very quickly. Others don't question where it comes from but they just access it. copyright 2006 Yoga Kat . Half close the eyes so that you can allow the opening and unobstructed view into the psychic realm through the third eye and then let this area begin to open. I feel it is like a door that you can't leave open all the time. With each breath you wash that area mentally with light. When you wish to close down the area, put my hand on your forehead and move it from top to bottom and imagine that you're closing a great big gate or a drawbridge door in the same manner.Not all people have consciously worked on accessing third eye wisdom or perception. You might feel like the light emanates only out the front of your forehead.

The light that is contained within can emanate out from all the cracks from the front, back, top, sides, at the same time, allowing you to see all around at the same time. Also put out a feeler if this is trustworthy or false. Imagine the draw bridge door slowly drawing up and open. Sometimes you can imagine that you are turning off a light bulb by pulling an old fashion chain. The major portion comes from the front or third eye area, but it is not limited by that." Then expect to be guided and then proceed as if you are already on the way. Allow some time in between each question to register the information."

Then take great big breaths into that area like a psychic wash. Trust yourself that the right answer is coming for you. You could ask a question like "What am I missing here?" or "What it the key element?" You could allow an open flow to direct you -"Direct me to the person or group that is most able to help me. When you become aware of the energetic shifts, you can then begin to direct your channel. You could also think of someone or something Sliding Gate Wheel and feel what impressions come to you immediately and first. Or you may feel more like an egg with a major crack all around the circumference and tiny cracks on top and in back. The column of light then begins to expand out into the universe, as long or short as need be. Become as sensitive to subtle changes in energy, as you can, ask yourself if this is coming from you or someone else.

Then say to yourself "shutting down now. As you ask the questions, continue to breathe through each. Now when you work long periods of time with the third eye you develop your ability to access psychic channels but also it can make you tired if you do not work with balance. It is necessary to close the door and rest. Many are very frightened of their ability to access wisdom, or information that seems to come from the unknown.

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