If you are fat there is the negative stereotype of slothful

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There are many programs, but one of the most successful I have found is Dr Siegal's Cookie diet, which has worked for five hundred thousand people all over the world. Claire White is now a size six lawyer but when working in an office some time ago and weighing 280 pounds, she was aware that she was being consistently sidelined. Eat cookies, lose weight! Chocolate, Blueberry, Oatmeal Raisin, Banana & Coconut www. Big people often develop a larger than life character to compensate, and she was like that - always butt of office humor but hurting inside. She did all that she could to overcome the assumption that fat people are lazy and do not take care with their appearance.CookieDietOnline.

There were the practical jokes, and comments like at least SHE won't have an affair unless its with the cookie jar. However, if you don't want to come up against negative perceptions due to your dress size you will have to face the battle of losing weight. Althoughthere are some women who defy these rules, everybody is stereotyped in one way or another. But what if you're not the perfect size six?

The reality is that we're larger than ever. Imagine, like our example above - when yourchildren come out of school, they won't feel embarassed by the blob waiting for them outside the gate, but will feel proud of their slim and attractive Mom!

If you are fat there is the negative stereotype of slothful loser, but there can be a positive stereotype, that you are a life-loving, generous person - all useful qualities in some businesses. If image is so important, then could your weight affect your job prospects? Studies show that weight discrimination in the workplace is rife. Her resume would be attractive and professional, she would turn up for the interview very well prepared and would finish up humiliated by the interviewer's immediate look of disgust at her size. We spend more than ever on image maintenance and snappy dressing to make the right impression Post Cap at our jobs and impress the boss. She would get up two hours early to paint her nails but this didn't make any difference because all fellow workers saw was this very big girl. She found that being appointed to a job was inevitably a nightmare.We live in a looks-obsessed society where style can be more important than what you can do. A recent survey in a professional HR personnel magazine showed that ninety-three per cent of Personnel professionals would give the vacancy to the smaller-sized person when choosing between two otherwise equal applicants and the evidence shows that dress size discrimination counts more against women.com Starting a weight loss plan doesn't mean you can't eat tasty, in fact if you only eat boring food, you're more likely to give up.

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